Generate thousands
of performing architectures

Augment your R&D teams with Engineering Bots!

BSMART interview with our CEO Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel

Find out how Dessia is to design the first electric car architecture with the aid explainable artificial intelligence.

Generative Engineering Platform

Digitalize your engineering knowledge and generate all possible design solutions

Digitalize your knowledge

Structure and model your design rules

Create your workflow

Describe the steps of your product design in a workflow

Use Artificial Intelligence

Generate overnight thousands of architectures with explainable AI

Explore all solutions

Use data visualization and Machine Learning to define clusters of solutions


Obtain the data for the best designs at an early stage of the product development cycle

Knowledge perpetuation

Store know-how and design rules in a structured model


Automate engineering workflows, for faster development


Discover innovative architectures with AI at the concept phase

Data driven

Use and share the data generated to single out your best design setups


Our generative engineering platform makes the design of your products faster and better

Webinar Battery Architecture

How can you design the best battery pack configuration starting from specs ?


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