Dessia: engineering design automation with artificial intelligence

Dessia is a French Series A deep-tech startup, founded in 2017 by CEO Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel and CTO Steven Masfaraud.

After a €5.5 million fundraising in 2021, it is now a 20 people team and still growing. Its concept is the automation of engineering design through explainable artificial intelligence.

Dessia’s platform provides “bots”: virtual companions that help engineers design mechanical systems.

At first, the scope was gearboxes and power transmissions. Later it became clear for the founders that they could expand their technology to other architectures.

Presently, Dessia’ scope goes beyond automotive. In fact, major players in the rails and aeronautics fields trust us with the design of their products. The Automotive Bot Challenge (ABC) Project is testimony to Dessia’s goal to design a whole electric car with artificial intelligence.

Electric vehicles are part of our effort to provide end users with sustainable means of transportation.

Team section

Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel
Steven Masfaraud
Jean-Pierre Roux

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